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Recruitment & Guild Info
What kind of person is Defqon looking for?

Defqon is a fun and social guild where people know each other quite well. Most members socialize until deep into the night as it is one of our strongest elements. If you have a nice attitude and behavior towards other people (especially guild members) you will fit right in! We prefer to keep our guild community small. This requires that the characters - including alts have to log in at least once a month to avoid being removed from the guild.

Description of the raiders we look for:

In the case of raiders; we look for reliable, skilled and dedicated players. We need to count on you for the long haul. If you are having circumstances in real life that prevent you from showing up, the least we expect is that you inform an officer or a raid leader before the raid starts. We'll take your situation into account and expect that the other way around is not to much too ask for in order to create our weekly raids.

You need to be vocal by writing and speaking English on a good level and be up to date with your own class. We look for raiders who are dedicated to think as a team player in order to progress, this means you will always place the group in front of yourself and you do not demoralize the raid in any way. We do not raid and push on a hardcore level of raiding but we are striving to raid with quality, for that we ask the following criteria of commitments:

  • You are able to raid three times a week, attending at least 10/12 raids a month under normal circumstances - exceptional circumstances can be considered if discussed properly.
  • You work and thinks as a team player, the guild and the raid team always go first.
  • You can't make it, you inform the officers through the Discord Raid Channel.
  • You are up to date with class knowledge and changes.
  • You bring and maintain a positive attitude through the raid and towards your fellow raiders.
  • You are responsible in acting mature and owning up your mistakes when made.
  • You use Voice communication in Team Speak 3 with a working microphone.

Raiding Classes being recruited & Raiding Schedule :

We are currently recruiting (Exceptional players are always welcome to apply):

  • 1 Tank (Druid, Demon Hunter, Warrior or Monk)
  • 2 Ranged DPS (Shadow Priest/Warlock)
Defqon is raiding on tuesday, thursday & sunday from 20.30 till 23.30 Server Time, we have optional raiding on wednesday most of the time. There is the possibility of extending towards 24.00 when we are close to a kill.

The Application Process:

  1. Read the above information fully, is this guild the right fit for you?
  2. If yes continue to the next step, if no good luck on the rest of your search.
  3. Create a shivtr account by clicking here.
  4. Applicate by going to the forums and copy the Application Template.
  5. Make a new topic in the Application Forum by pressing the button "Add Thread".
  6. Paste the template copied and fill out your answers. More information and details increase the chance to be accepted.
  7. Be patient and check your application routinely, we discuss applications in time to ensure the right fit for the guild.