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Defqon Guild Rules
Defqon is a guild created in the early days of the server Outland, ever since it it grew larger over time. While growing, the social appearance between members increased a lot with many events taking place regularly. The guild rules are set in stone to make sure everyone is able have a good time inside the Defqon community.

Guild Ranks:

  • Guild Master. the leader of the guild. Has full responsibility guarding the rules and policies in Defqon to ensure the guild stability.
  • Officer, highly trusted guild members. Have guild responsibility in rules, policies and making decisions for the well being of the Defqon community. Assigned raiders who are in charge of analyzing the raid and communicating towards raidmembers when it comes to down invidivual performance.
  • Officer Alt, alternate characters from officers.
  • Champion, members of Defqon that have been with the guild for a long period of time (6+ months), raiders that contributed more then the average raider in progressing or members who did exceptionary services for the guild.
  • Core Raider, vested players who concentrate on taking down the most challenging bosses inside Raid Instances with the Defqon Raiding Team.
  • Trial Raider, new applicants who wish to become a Defqon raider. Trial periods have an average time of 5-6 raids based on the general attitude and skill level but are not set in stone.
  • Group Two, vested players who concentrate on taking down the most challenging bosses inside Raid Instances with the second Defqon Raiding Team.
  • Hero, rank for friends, family and others who do not wish to raid but just want to have a good time in the guild.
  • Alt, alternate characters of Champions, Raiders or Hero's of Defqon.

General Rules:

  • Behave accordingly by treating guild members and people with respect.
  • Spammers, scammers and ninja's are not tolerated.
  • Moderate your language, excessive swearing is not acceptable.
  • Characters and alts will be removed if they haven't been logged for over a month time.
  • Alts are welcome in the guild as long as the main character remains in Defqon.

Raiding Commitment & Rules:

  • Maintaining at least 85% attendance over a month time (10/12 raids) is necessary as raider.
  • Under exceptional circumstances lower attendancy can be considered if discussed with the officer team.
  • Invites will go out ten minuts before the raid, raiders have to be ready. This means you repaired your armor and have flasks elixers and food for the entire duration of the raid.
  • When the raid starts everyone has to be present on Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone. Your character is also expected to be inside the raid instance at this time.
  • Teamspeak 3 has an important role to support raiding. Chatting is more then welcome in the sub channels. During raids however the raid channel is mainly used for raid communication.
  • Moderate your use of Teamspeak during boss fights, call out only when it is really necessary. Asking for heals is something healers focus on and you calling out for it may distract them.
  • Repeatly signing up while not showing up or being late means lower priority for raid spots. eventually you will be removed if attendancy is to low.
  • We aim to avoid conflicts during the raid, if you have something on your mind save it till after the raid to speak about it in private. Do not demorizale the group in any way during the raid!
  • Raiders are required to sign up or decline their status 24 hours before a raid through the ingame calendar. No response will be treated as absent without notification.
  • As standby raider you have to be online in Discord in order to be reachable for the raid group. you should be ready to enter the raid at any given time.
  • Before signing up for a raid you have done reasonable effort to gear up through heroics, used BoE crafted Items and LFR/Flex Difficulty Raiding.
  • During the raid you are expected to sit behind the keyboard, we have a break halfway the raid (after 1 hour, 30 minutes) you can use for drinks etc.
  • You are expected to have the following installed before entering the raid: Teamspeak 3, Deadly Boss Mods, Weak Aura's & the EPGP Addons.
  • Raiders are required to pay weekly gold taxes (core tax is 5k each week, trial is 3.5k each week) in return the officer team will bring you the best flasks and food available (feast & cauldrons).
  • You have done research towards your class and have a suitable talent build (No PvP Specs).
  • When signing for raids all of your gear is enchanted and gemmed to the highest level.
  • Your main character as raider should always be available to raids with the guild unless you discussed your absence with the raid leaders.
  • Alts are not normally permitted to raid, so sign up with your main characters on the calendar.
  • When you do wish to raid with an alt or switch mains discuss it with a raid leader