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Loot System & Information
Defqon uses EPGP as lootsystem to make sure good raiding behaviour is rewarded and raiders will be geared equally. EPGP stands for Effort Points (EP) & Gear Points (GP).

Effort Points:

Effort Points are distributed by contributing to the Defqon Raiding, these points can be earned by the following actions:

  • 200 EP for answering the calendar 24 hours ahead, being online at 20.20 (Server Time) & accepting the raid invite on time.
  • 400 EP for every new progression boss that is being killed
  • 200 EP for every hour raiding without offending the raiding rules. This means that at the end of four hours raiding, a raider is rewarded with 800 EP if he/she behaves accordingly.
  • 200 EP for being on standby and being ready to step in to the raiding team. This means being online and as soon as we contact you, you should be able to step in straight away.
When a raider is not attending to the raid without letting the raid leader/officers know by a message, he will not receive any EP at all that night. When a raider does have a valid excuse and occasionally has to miss out on a raid (with the excuse being evaluated by the officers), he or she can be rewarded with 200 EP in return for the courtesy of notice.

New trial raiders have to show the guild that they're reliable and have the right attitude we seek. For these reasons, new trial readers can build up there effort points but have to reach a minimum threshold of 4000 Effort Points (two weeks of perfect raiding) before being eligible to win contested rolls against settled raid members. When the minimum EP is reached the trial raider is awarded with extra EP to catch up with the core raiders and he/she is free to spend the points accordingly for gear. As exception to this rule, items that are not being contested by core raid member (Main Spec) can be handed out to trials.

Gear Points:

Gear Points are the cost of various items that drop within a raid. Some slots of gear will boost performance at a higher rate then some other slots. As example, a 2h weapon will cost almost twice as much gear points when compared to a wrist drop (but boosts the performance twice as much as well). In the end this system makes sure that all raiders will receive an equal amount of loot under the same circumstances. To see the full Gear Point table click here.

Priority Rating:

Effort Points : Gear Points grants a raider Priority Rating (PR). Priority Rating is the basic currency to decide which person receives loot. The raider which has the highest Priority Rating is the first in line for an item. In a case of a tie in Priority Rating, EPGP has an internal roll system to determine the winner.

The Decision for Loot:

To make sure all raiders know exacly how the system works, we wrote a full description on the choice you'll be facing during raids. When a boss is killed the following window will pop up:

  1. BiS Main Spec: Rolling for an item that is Best in Slot. Raiders have to post a BiS list on the forums. When an item is Best in Slot for a raider, they will always have higher priority compared to an upgrade or offspec roll. Best in Slot items cost 100% of the listed Gear Points.
  2. Major Upgrade MS: A Major Upgrade item for your main spec that is not on your BiS List. Major Upgrade has higher priority over Minor Upgrade and Offspec rolls. A Major Upgrade cost 75% of the listed Gear Points.
  3. Minor Upgrade MS: A Minor Upgrade item for your main spec that is not on your BiS List. A Minor Upgrade has higher priority over an Offspec roll and cost 50% of the listed Gear Points.
  4. Offspec: The roll for various items you are willing to acquire for your offspec. These items may have higher priority to some raiders that must gear themself for a side-roll regarding a specific raid fight or situation. Offspec items cost 10% when there is no priority given out.
  5. Pass: Not rolling at all because the raider is not interested in this item.
  6. The Timer: After every boss kill, the timer shows a raider how much time he/she has left on making a decision regarding the dropped item.
  7. Note: Can be clicked to add a specific note on your roll to add specific information.

Weekly Decay:

To prevent point hoarding our system has a 15% weekly decay on both Effort Points & Gear Points. When a raider refuses to roll for items in the hope of maintaining a high Priority Rating we reduce the points up untill the base minimum EP & GP. Raiders who hoard points will be penalized because of this. EP will continue to decay up untill the minimum amount and at this point your priority rating will start to decrease rapidly!

Required Addons:

All raiders are required to have the following addons installed:

Your addon menu should look this:


EPGP gives the raid a lot more structure in loot, take in mind that the Loot Council (Role Leader & Officers) always stand above the system. In exceptional occasions we might decide different then what EPGP could tell you (although this will rarely happen). If you have any questions or disagree with a loot decision, speak to the loot council after the raid. During the raid we are not discussing any form of questions/discussion regarding the loot. Bringing this up may result in a loot penalty.