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[Pinned] WoD - The Garrisons Guide

Greetings Defqon Guildies,Basic InformationOne of the new features in the next expansion that will play a huge role in our future gameplay are the new Garrisons. A Garrison is your own piece of land that will provide you with a lot of usefull thin...
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[Pinned] Warlords of Draenor Raiding Changes

As followup from the main page I noticed for myself that the closer the Autumn gets, the more I feel like raiding again. To clear up some confusion for some members the following changes will happen in Warlords of Draenor: Raid Finder Difficulty -...
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Head = Tier setNeck = Brooch of the Astral scryer = Star Augur Etraeusschoulder = Tier setBack = Astromancer's Greatcloak = Star Augur Etraeuschest = Breastplate of the Remembered King = Gul'danwrist = Jagged Carapace Wristclamps = Skorpyronhands ...
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bis list

gul'dan - finger legs shouldersgrand magistrix elisande - trinket back headstar augur etraeus - handshigh botanist tel'arn - idkkrosus - chest tichondrius - shoulders tierspellblade aluriel - waisttrilliax - life artifact relicskorpyron - chest
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Spartex-Mage-Outland Application for Group 2 of Defqon.

Battletag: Snikkel#2340 Name: Mike Age:17 Location: Red light District Purpose of Joining? (Social/Raiding):Hardcore raiding, Method skillwise. Character Name: Spartex Class: Mage Armory Link (Raiders, log out in PvE Gear)...
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Mythax defeates the almighty Mad Monk YI
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Warlords of Draenor Stat Changes

With the announcement of Blizzard Street Date on August 14th revealing the official release date for the next expansion, It's a good thing for everyone to know what is about to change. Starting this informing topic here is a short summary of what ...
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Paradoxic no more.

so for WoD I will be changing my name from Paradoxic to Samplle. Samplle is my druids name. and is what everyone calls me (kaze, expressonz, and alot of IRL friends.) Also my druid is my oldest char for which I have played on. it was what got me m...
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New Character Models

One of the most exciting updates in World of Warcraft is the new characters models we will get! Below is a summary of the models so far:Human Male:Human Female:Night Elf Female:Draenei Male:Draenei Female:
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No flying in Warlords of Draenor

With some more news getting out daily I recently noticed a blue post where blizzard is planning to introduce flying in patch 6.1. What is the opinion of the defqon members on this item?My own experience is that I actually think it will be quite in...
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