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#13233119 May 07, 2017 at 11:56 PM
Battletag: Cryzader#2472

Name: Adrian

Age: 25

Armory Link:

Location: Sweden/gotenborg

Purpose of Joining? (Social/Raiding): I wanna start raiding again hardcore and wanna meet
new and funny people, get more experience under my belt

How Do you keep up to date with class information: I read the forums of my class every day of the week and I im looking at the patch notes if there are any one mmo champion or battlenet

Previous raiding experience: (Realm first lich king kill on 25 man heroic) head of the curve heroic archimonde, lei chen heroic 25 man kill (curve), tribute to immortality achievement, cutting edge sha of fear, cutting edge will of the emperor, cutting edge Grand empress shek'zeer,

Previous Guilds and why did you leave them: I was recruited to method in wrath of the lich king but left when cata came out beacuse of personal stuff when pandaria came out i was in a guild called slingshot on kazzak eu that guild quit soon after wod started.

Tell us a bit about you as person: My name is adrian im born and raised in gotenborg sweden when i was a kid my dad was a big gamer and when i was little i played nitendo 64 and mario sonic and gameboy but i started loving warcraft and the fantasy soon after that wow release and at that time i was living alone in a basement for 5 years and i did not have any jobb or any really income i preatty much survieved on small jobs and the state payed me beacuse i didint have a jobb so i stared playing and got really good at and it was addicting and started raiding and meeting new friends and having fun why i got so much time and energy to play hardcore at that time is beacuse i love the game and second is beacuse i have adhd so that keeps me going kinda for not burning my self out.

What is the main reason to join Defqon? i have played Druid all specs but right now i only play resto druid and i played resto since vanilla and im not stopping now haha.

Why should we recruit you in compared to other applicants? I got alot of raiding experience i know what to do and how to do it and thats always good to have a guy with a good history and experience and im a really funny guy and love to meet new people and im not shy.

Warcraftlogs my experience from wrath cant be trackt but you can finde my achievements on my aromy link ^^

Able to attend three raids a week Yes depends on time and schedule i still have work haha

Able to listen and communicate with Microphone on TS3 Yes i can use anything bot a working mic and a good headset

Know any of the current members of Defqon Nope im new :D

#13234583 May 08, 2017 at 07:55 PM
Defqon Officer
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Hi Adrian

I've been looking over your application and while you seem to be a good fit for our raiding team, there simply isn't room for another healer. I could offer you a waiting spot though, so you could get a trial as soon as a spot opens up in the core group.

Feel free to add me (Smitch#2900) ingame if you wanna take me up on that offer or maybe just join for non-raid activities as a social.

#13234807 May 08, 2017 at 10:08 PM
Yea i would like to get a waitspot :D
#13235628 May 09, 2017 at 10:25 AM
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Hey Adrian,

Great to hear, feel free to add Tunalip ( (Smitch#2900) or me (Spartex#2423) to get yourself an invite to the guild.

You can still join all the mythic+, regular normal and heroic raids and have fun with everyone. We will still invite you towards the mythic raids in case we have room but we can't instantly give you a solid trial spot simply cause we lack the room for it. As soon as we do have another trial spot available for healing we will give you a proper headsup. We will also give the possibility to shorten the trial phase if we have seen you around already at that point. Make sure to read the guild rules & epgp system section on the website in case it's needed. Also don't forget to press the apply button top left on the website so I can grant you full acces towards our website.
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