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#13226786 May 04, 2017 at 10:26 AM
Battletag: Wilkots#2221
Name: Wilco
Age: 35
Location: Montfoort, The Netherlands
Purpose of Joining? (Social/Raiding): Raiding

Character Name: Vanveraf
Class: Hunter
Armory Link (Raiders, log out in PvE Gear):
Main Spec/Off Spec: BM/MM
Artifact Power Rank: 47
Total Played Time: 21 days 6 hours on 110 (new toon on new server in Legion, played alliance last expansion)
Description of Rotation/Priority List:
Single target:
-Titans Thunder on cd ideally when Dire Beast is up
-Dire beast
-Kill command
-Cobra shot

Multi target:
-Multi shot to keep Beast Cleave active
-Dire beast
-Kill Command (only if it doesnt interrupt Beast Cleave uptime)
-Cobra shot during Bestial Wrath to reset Kill Command (filler)

And of course: don't focus starve in order to be able to keep casting abilities on cd

-Bestial Wrath (use as much as possible on cd)
-Aspect of the Wild (at pull with prepot and then on cd ideally with Bestial Wrath on)

Screenshot of your Raiding User Interface in combat (Big Priority), use Imggur or Photobucket to upload

How Do you keep up to date with class information?
Icy Veins, MMO Champion, Beast-Mastery discord, Pawn, WeakAuras
Previous raiding experience (List by Expansion)?
Vanilla (AQ) horde/bloodfeather
BC (cleared) horde/bloodfeather
Cata (cleared) horde/bloodfeather
Wrath (cleared) horde/bloodfeather
MoP (HC content and at end of expansion mythic cleared) horde/bloodfeather
WoD (HC content) alliance/outland (with glykia/anthoss)
Legion (HC content) horde/kazzak (with glykia/anthoss)
Previous Guilds and why did you leave them?
-We Toss Dwarves (first guild with friends), disbanded because friends stopped playing
-We Ran Out Of Good Names (first real raiding guild), disbanded because it merged into servers top guild
-Aspire (Bloodfeathers top guild which I got multiple server firsts with in BC, Cata, Wrath), disbanded because raid leaders quitted
-Wickermen (another friends guild, played casually in MoP), left because i needed a new challenge (read: hc raiding)
-Shando Thera (Glykia's guild who took me in because i wanted challenging content again). Glykia is an irl friend o mine
-No Fun Allowed (Glykia's guild on horde side), new project in Legion: play and raid on horde side

Tell us a bit about you as person (Not as a toon)
35 Year old game geek and addict, working a desk job in logistics.
Single and most of my free time playing games on PC or consoles (xbox/ps4)

What is the main reason to join Defqon?
Lately a lot of people dropped from our guild roster because we cleared HC content and dont have the people to start mythic (which i want to do myself as well). We're now stuck on HC and recruitment and our raid leader (anthoss) left and Glykia informed me that he applied as well.
Why should we recruit you in compared to other applicants?
Played hunter since end of BC and know everything about the class (PvE wise).
Still addicted as fu** to this game so spending a lot of time and effort into it.
Warcraftlogs (Higher chance to be accepted)
Raided on my priest last weeks and benched my hunter. Dont have any recent logs or links to that, sorry. Played with Listad in No Fun Allowed, maybe he can vouch for me? :P
Able to attend three raids a week? Weekdays no problem whatsoever, most of my weekends are no problem either
Able to listen and communicate with Microphone on TS3? Absolutely
Know any of the current members of Defqon?
Looking at your roster I 'know'and played with: Spartex,Azzbringer,Listara,Tecplise,Grimreaper.
Anything else you would like to add? Creativity allowed!
Has been ages since I'd wrote an application and I know there parts missing.
Really would like to get a chance to play with you guys (and keep playing with my irl friend Glykia) on Alliance side
#13227933 May 04, 2017 at 10:19 PM
Guild Master
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Hi Wilco,

Nice to see you again and thank you for applying towards Defqon, we've been looking over it and want to point out the following:

  • Gear is looking good, on par for mythic raiding and enchants/gems are in place. Small note: change towards Binding enchant on cape.
  • No screenshot of interface in raid enviroment (a picture says more ten a thousand words).
  • Raiding experience is decent, lack of (recent) mythic experience.
  • Personality seems a fit towards the guild and you know some old faces in here.
  • Logs are missing, hard to judge performance - will ask Listad.
Defqon unfortantly is full on Ranged DPS (10) at this point with 3 Ranged Hunters as we speak. Normally I would decline because of this matter but since you're application looks good, you're an old friend to me and others I have the following option:

You can join for now with lower raid priority untill a trial spot opens up. You can still join all the mythic+, regular normal and heroic raids and have fun with everyone. We will still invite you towards the mythic raids in case we have room but we can't instantly give you a solid trial spot simply cause we lack the room for it. As soon as we do have another trial spot available you will be the first in line when it comes to ranged. We will also give the possibility to shorten the trial phase if we have seen you around already at that point.

However this choice will be up to you, let us know what you decide. Hope to hear from you soon, Spartex.
Willpower creates the way for possibilities and success

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#13229755 May 05, 2017 at 10:06 PM
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Joined through ingame whisper.

Make sure to read the guild rules & epgp system section on the website in case it's needed. Also don't forget to press the apply button top left on the website so I can grant you full acces towards our website.
Willpower creates the way for possibilities and success

Guild Master of Defqon
Level 110 Human Fire Mage - Armory
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