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#13225477 May 03, 2017 at 06:34 PM
Battletag: Zetnol#2822
Age: 28
Location: England
Purpose of Joining? (Social/Raiding): Raiding

Character Name: Anthoss
Class: Shaman
Armory Link :
Main Spec/Off Spec: Main spec Resto and off Spec is Enhan
Artifact Power Rank: 47
Total Played Time: On this char 92days 10 hours. Over 170 Days played on my warrior
Description of Rotation/Priority List: Rotation is very dependent upon fight and how much damage is being delt but Healing stream totem used on CD and Healing rain other than that the rest is situational.
Screenshot of your Raiding User Interface in combat

How Do you keep up to date with class information? Discord Shaman group and Icy Veins
Previous raiding experience (List by Expansion)? This could be a very long list, but to make it shorter i have raided every raid in every expansion.
Previous Guilds and why did you leave them? I have not been in a large amount of different guilds. Shando thera was my initial guild and at TBC it reformed to Project X, we then murged with Champions of the hall later in TBC. Champions of the hall Died out due to some bad officer decisions. We then started Shando Thera back up in MoP, and at the start of Legion most of the guild moved to Horde and formed No Fun Allowed. The reason for leaving is logging on at a night time to find your the only one online gets rly old, i play for the social aspect as well as raiding. Due to low members we will never be able to progress to mythic and that is something i want to do.
Tell us a bit about you as person Im a Electrical engineer and in my spare time enjoy playing cricket and tennis. If i am doing none of them you will proberbly find me online playing WoW
What is the main reason to join Defqon? Mythic progression and the social side of a active guild.
Why should we recruit you in compared to other applicants? I hope with my knowledge of resto shaman i can fill the gap you are looking to fill in your mythic team.

Warcraftlogs Last HC kill
Able to attend three raids a week? Yes, however occasionally i need to go away with work for a day or 2 so may miss one raid in the process but shouldn't fall so i miss more than that. These trips are once every month or 2
Able to listen and communicate with Microphone on TS3? Yes
Know any of the current members of Defqon? Spartex, Listad, Grimpreaper, Teclypse, Az, Aqva, Rob (unsure of current char name was Khyrador)
Anything else you would like to add? Creativity allowed! Nothing to add other than an apology for the essay above.
#13225548 May 03, 2017 at 07:15 PM
Defqon Officer
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Hey Dave.

Your application looks good and you seem like the kind of person we want (back) in our guild.
You can send a whisper to me ingame and I'll add you to the guild.

Make sure to read over the rules/guidelines, aswell as make sure you got the addons we use for raiding installed.
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